How To Eat A Girl Out

Sexual Techniques To Get Her Crazy About You

“Am I good enough at eating her out?” This is probably one of the questions you ask yourself. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have searched for this article. Fear not. The knowledge you’ll gain in this piece will give you the skills you need so she’ll be begging you not to stop.

Let’s get started:

How to Eat a Girl Out in a Way That Will Make Her Scream?

Licking clit is an art that not everyone knows. However, the skill can be taught, and by practicing regularly, you can get her to scream. Here is how to eat a girl out properly.

#1. Kiss Your Way Down There

Don’t just open her legs wide and begin licking her clit. Start with small kisses from her neck to her pelvic region. Go slowly until you make it to the vulva or vagina.

Consider it like a hot but creepy trip. Before puckering her up, kiss her inner thighs. Well, this isn’t always necessary, but it can make things hot.

#2. Find Your Way to Her Clitoris

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a female’s body. You need to locate it using her minor labia or lips as a guide. Kiss, nibble, and lick the lips from the bottom going up. You should notice the fleshy fold above, that is the clitoris.

The clitoris is not the same in all women. Some jump up while others hide. Depending on what you have, you may have to pull the clitoral hood back to access it. Just slow gentle licks are enough to have a woman orgasm.

Make slow but light circles around the clit. You can strike it then continue with your tongue movements. The trick is not to overdo it, as it can actually be irritating and painful. Remember to switch between licking, nipping, sucking, and even breathing on the clitoris.

#3. Use a Sex Pillow

Angles are important in sex. Thankfully, sex pillows can help you get the right angle. Even if you’ve never used one before, it’s easy to know what it does.

Usually, sex pillows are wedge-like and help lift your partner’s hips or butt into a perfect angle. Using it to eat her out makes cunnilingus much easier as it gives you perfect access.

#4. Ask If She Likes It

This sets a great time to introduce sparkling dirty talk. But also, remember that vulvas weren’t created equal. They are of different sizes, shapes, models, colors, etc. Because of this, the preferences may vary.

Some people love it when you apply pressure or certain tonguing. Some prefer slow or hard circles or up and down. Therefore, asking can help you know what you’re doing right and wrong and improve your skills.

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#5. Multi-Task for More Pleasure

Eating her out doesn’t limit you from using other tools when you’re down there. You can stimulate her G-spot with your fingers as well. Just slide in one finger and watch as the magic happens.

Also, remember to reach to her butt or boobs with your hands and play with them as your tongue focuses down there. Stimulating multiple regions gives her more pleasure and sensation.

#6. Stay Down There Longer

One thing that prevents many women from orgasm is the fear that they are taking too long to cum. So, when being eaten out, she can pull you up if she feels you are tired and she’s being awkward.

But you can let them know you are enjoying yourself by staying down there for longer. Make her understand that there’s no pressure to orgasm. Doing that can help them climax.

You’re Just Getting Started

You just scratched the surface of this amazing skill. Check out our Learn2Lick and become the guy she’ll only want to go down on her because no one else can match your skills.